Monday, 9 February 2009

Too long mutha'uckas.

I'm a terrible person. Yada Yada


I have been busy actually doing stuff so it ain't my fault...

I am running the marathon these days. It's for a charity called Depaul. They're a homeless charity, check 'em out:

Additionally, HeartBeats is this week and I've been putting in the work towards that. Charles and I are shitting it but hopefully it will go okay. We is gonna be laying down some disgusting beats. Disgusting.

Exciting stuff that happened recently:

Christian Bales schitzophrenia


To be honest, the whole snow thing was a little bitter-sweet. I mean on the one hand I was really pissed off that Manchester got FUCK all snow. I pretty much moved to the North specifically because it boosted my chances of seeing some top quality neige. The irony is that my house had like 8 inches and my brother's school was cancelled for three days. This peeved me somewhat, it left me miffed you could say. Then on the other hand, snow only has novelty for like a day and a half (less if you have inappropriate cold weather clothing) and the chaos it caused did not sound very hootenanny-esque.

Stuff I'm digging:

Passion Pit

The Dutchess & The Duke

Lil Wayne winning grammys...

No video?!?!
Read this instead:

I watched Revolutionary Road. It was brilliant. But a sad motherfucker

The Kills are releasing a new EP with my favourite song of theirs on. The video is real nice:

I went to a Friendly Fires DJ set the other night. It was good but they had Florence from Florence and the Machine also do a set. Worst thing I have ever seen. Did it off her ipod didn't she. Wish I had photographic proof so bad right now.

That's it for now.
I'm trying to get back in the blog game but it's hard. I is watching too many for my own good.


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Tom Forde said...

You beat me to Passion Pit, my friend told me about them yesterday. exciting. You have to drop Sleepyhead at Heartsbeats, no doubt.