Thursday, 7 May 2009

I Heart College?

I know I'm a bit late on this, but Asher Roth seems to be taking the world by storm somewhat. His song 'I Love College' is literally everywhere and I have some qualms about it. Mainly, that it portrays such a cringe-makingly simple and stereotypical representation of "college". I'll just give you a few gems of his:

"That party last night was awfully crazy I wish we taped it
I danced my ass off and had this one girl completely naked
Drink my beer and smoke my weed but my good friends is all I need
Pass out at 3, wake up at 10, go out to eat then do it again"

and another

"Man, I love college, ay!
And I love drinking, ay!
I love women, ay!
Man, I love college"

Towards the end of the song he starts chanting "freshman", "keg stand" and "do something crazy" (nothing like pre-empted mentalness)

Now I know that to pull apart lyrics is all to easy, particularly with mainstream music, but some of this does genuinely make me feel a little bit ill... added to which the video takes this fromage to the next level... CANT EMBED IT AS I CANT FIND IT


despite all this, I can't help but like the song. It's horribly catchy, and ignoring the endless cliche, is quite enjoyable.

I'm not too sure what the purpose of this post was, maybe to vent. I'm kind of annoyed with myself that I like it I suppose. It's weird that there can be so much going against a song yet it's still likeable

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