Sunday, 23 November 2008

I've been waiting for this moment...

I am feeling particularly ineloquent today. I think my brain might be decaying, or at the very least it's in a state of disrepair. I was feeling very bored and sorry for myself earlier and ended up wacking on some Silversun Pickups. I have re-reached the conclusion that theyre awesome, underrated, under debated, over deflated etc. I like this song in particular, its marveloso. THe videos pretty good too me thinks?....

I've also been revisiting some of The Shins this week. I think Wincing the Night Away is my fave of the albums. I'm fully aware that this a taboo subject and that I'm alienating myself with this opinion but I don't care, it's amazing. My life is so dull at the moment that I don't have anything to chat about other than music, always a sign of intellectual and general existence defunctness ( my spell check reckons defunctness is a word. orson)

Oh, one thing maybe. Peter Mandelson wants to replace Sargeant on Strictly Come Blah Blah. Imagine That. Just Imagine.

I saw a band called Chairlift on Friday night (I say "saw", it was more like could vaguely get a glimpse through the haze of voddy and my system not being able to cope as a result of giving up the "sauce" for a week). They have good songs but I don't remember being particularly impressed. But then again my recollection is disputable and clouded at best. What can I say, I'm a reprobate.

Reprobate: One rejected by God; a sinful person; An individual with low morals or principles; To have strong disapproval of something; to condemn; Of God: to abandon or reject, to deny eternal bliss; To refuse, set aside; Rejected; cast off as worthless; Rejected by God; damned, sinful; Immoral

On record they sound pretty cool, plus they were in an iTunes advert (I don;t know why I said "plus", surely thats a 'minus'. stig it to the man aint it.) Anyway, check out Bruises (aforementioned sell-out, yet still ear sex, song) on the ol mespace

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