Friday, 14 November 2008

Rumours of my death: slightly over egged

Ok, Ive been out of the game for nigh on a week and can only offer the profusest (a word?!?) of all my apologies. I dropped the ball and can only offer comiserattia.
However, the big dog is back with a vengeance. Just a collection of fun stuff I have been perousing at a casual pace over the last week. I blame my complete lack of recent creativity/prolificity on the visit of my friend Vlad which was simply too drunk. I have been recovering this week: work wise and basically being a pansy, or what we in the blogging trade refer to as a 'dickwad waste-of-space washed up tabloidquality-at-best (talking more the Daily Sport end of things) vagrant'.

The sincerest of all my apologies...
Anyhow, to the nitty gritty travellers.

An interview with Charles Manson. Frankly epic. I don't need to explain nuffink.

Geneva in winter...


A fun little wiki(d?) link. Can you top these? A pineapple for the best suggestion...


I think this is a hoot. I feel like I've been to Seattle. I havn't. I think.


Newspaporial evidence of my exploits at Shred Yr Face. Featured in the Manchester student paper. And the resulting tshirt reward!..


Who spotted my casual U2 reference????

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