Wednesday, 24 December 2008


I'm coming out with it, I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY.


It don't matter (has The Rock a.k.a 'Dwyne Johnson' ever spoke truer).

I thought though that I would update the wicked few. I've missed you (me speaking to Blogspot).

I'm back from the 'ol (arguably gay... [more on that later]/ cruise.

And ready to rock the party. Here's what I have before the new year....

1 End of Year Best of Extended Mixtape [anyone who can tell me how to load this to some sort of sharing/downloading site i will felaiche/thank provusively if male]

2 Anectodes

3 News round up (not ina "barack got elcted, credit crunch kind of way")

More I promise....

Has anyone EVER promised more?????

1 comment:

Tom said...

you could upload your comp to you dont have to sign in or anything, just upload a file and it gives you a link when it's done.I take it you know about making zip files? if not you right click on your folder with all the songs in it and 'create archive' or something similar on PC's, this makes it into one file that you can upload and people can download and unzip