Tuesday, 2 December 2008

The Ultimate Killing Machine


Now you're probably thinking that the reason I ain't posted nuffink for the last week is just down to the fact that i am simply a DISGRACE A pointless, functionless excuse of a human being i.e. All I do is get drunk, listen to Stephen Fry podcasts and eat 7p Asda noodles whilst neglecting University work. However, the doubters have got it all wrong. In fact I have been away under a false identity, holed up in a secret guitar/ukulele/kazoo hybrid research facility in Saigon manufacturing what can only be described as the future of music for the past week.
This isn't entirely true, if anything it took around 10 minutes with the help of my friend Adam and I had indeed just been doing the above (Fry,noodle,drunk etc). But as my father insists upon saying almost constantly, "Let's not let the truth get in the way of a good story".

So yeah, it's known to most as The Ultimate Killing Machine but I know him simply as Fred West. He's amazing, and he's being debuted next week live. He's pretty psyched the cheeky little fucker...

Anyway, he still requires a bit of work: the kazoo's not as sturdily attached as I would like and I havn't written on him yet but otherwise I'm pretty pleased. It kind of feels like all the dreams I had growing up have finally manifested themselves in the form of a guitar/ukulele/kazoo crossover.



Guy Chase said...

yeah well.. stephen fry is following me on twitter. suck on that.

Charles said...

Stephen Fry podcasts are shit.

Kayleigh said...

Brilliant, fricking brilliant! Just as you described. You can now begin world domination with this bad boy! x

Kayleigh said...
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