Wednesday, 29 October 2008

ANGER.... and elation.

I've just watched pretty much the best football match of my life. Tottenham Hotspur coming back from 4-2 down to draw 4-4 in the final 5 mins against the bloody Gooners. I was riding on the proverbial wave of elation until I was pointed in the direction of this...

This is utter bullshit. We need to get a sense of humour. Russell Brand has been around long enough for people to realise that he occasionally is prone to a slightly more abrasive style of comedy. If they didn't like him in the first place then they shouldn't have let him work up the rungs of showbiz. The entire incident has been blown out of proportion. Basically by the antichrist, The Fucking Daily Mail.

Before the Mail on Sunday led with an article on the recording on Sunday there were 2 complaints. However, it seems all we need is a tip in the right direction by the right wing press and we have 27,000 complaints and a resignation by Wednesday. What's worse is the fact that next to none of these complainers have actually bothered to listen to the clip in question anyway, going on what they've been told. Its just fucking Daily Mail Britain and its depressing. Its not like Andrew Sachs is the figure of perfection, portraying a stereotype Spaniard for years in Fawlty Towers didn't exactly endear him to the Spanish. But I suppose the Daily Mail hates foreigners and thats why they didn't make a big deal about that.

Anyway, we've lost one of our best comedians at the BBC today and I'm not happy. I now have an hours free time every week that I din;t before that I shall have to reallocate.

Its a sorry state of affairs.

Tomorrow, cigarette butts!..

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