Thursday, 30 October 2008

Help with the debt crisis...

Just by chance found this blog. Is he taking the piss? A fellow asking people to ease the load of his credit card debts with donations on his blog! Amazing, an innovative new tact.


I think it's generally accepted that if you litter you're looked upon as a bit of a pariah by the general public. Kind of a Jade Goody post-Shetty, pre-cancer era pariah.
How come though it's fine to just casually drop your cigarette butt on the floor. Hypocrisy amongst the aristocracy bureaucracy?.. Look, they picked up so many they re-constructed Australia. This version seems less competitive/resentful of convict roots though which is an improvement.

The above obviously said tongue in cheek. I love Australians and am in no way xenophobic. Except for the Danes

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