Saturday, 25 October 2008


So I was just making toast and I ended up getting quite angry. I had an inner monologue discussion about the weighting/airtime given to the famous Marmite love it or hate it debate. Personally, i'm not bothered either way, take it or leave it.

There seems to be a huge social hoo-ha surrounding Marmite. A 'condiment apartheid' I suppose you could say. I think, similarly to, oh I dont know... Hollyoaks or Kerry Katona, Marmite is one of those things that people spend far too much of their lives talking about. See, I'm even doing it now!

It just seems a shame when there a such superior products out there on the market. What we should be doing is discussing the wonders of versatile, svensational tasting and frankly innovative products like Bovril, or Small Chunk Branston Pickle. It saddens me that the dominant condiment on a market thats built its reputation on thriving for diversity and pushing things forward is a one-dimensional, backwards product that can only really be described as a mediocre toast spread.

Anyway, I best get going. I'm off to make a mug of Bovril...

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